Friday, 22 September 2017

Duffy role model Assembly

Duffy role model Assembly        

On monday the 18th of september 2017  all of glenbrae school went to the hall and a special guest was coming to glenbrae school and her name was niva  Retimanu and she was a radio.

Niva talked about her work about being a radio industry
 and the book she read us a story called kiss kiss yuck yuck and Niva said that was her favourite book that she read to glenbrae student.

After that niva came up and give out the books to each student and then we sing a song called the duffy book song and then nivea sang together with glenbrae school.  

Told by:Lesieli.

Holidays letter to mum and dad

Thursday 21st September 2017
Dear Mum and Dad

in the holidays i would like to go to the pools with my brothers and you because i want to have fun with my family and we can all swim together.

After that i would want to go to the movies so we can all watch a family movies because last time i got sick and we had to cancel  it.

And maybe we can get some ice cream

And we can do more shopping and buy the things that we like.

And i promise that i will clean up the hole living room and i will vacuum the hole house.

Love from:Lesieli.